Karen Austin

Karen Austin

Karen Austin is a student of grief and a lifelong learner in the experience of death and loss.

30 Days of Mourning Day 11

SomeONE or someTHING we love dies. We grieve (internal feelings). Maybe we mourn (external sharing). Let’s mourn together.

Today I am beginning to grieve and mourn something personal: my life in downtown Columbus. I’m moving in 11 days; my third move in three years. I came downtown two years ago from the suburbs as the fulfillment of a dream I shared with my husband Tracy, who died in 2017 from pancreatic cancer. When he was diagnosed, we were planning to sell our house and move downtown. When he died, I saw no reason to alter the plan.

Some people questioned out of love (and fear) my decision to live downtown on my own at 61–would I be safe, wouldn’t I rather stay in our house, was it smart to make such a huge, life-changing decision when I was in deep grief?

I never questioned it. It was our dream and seemed like the next step in my own evolution in refusing to allow death to end our union. So I lived the dream. And now the energy of OUR dream together is lived and expended and I am creating my own dream.

As I walked my city this morning, I began to say goodbye to this life I chose on my own terms and say hello to whatever I decide is next. I feel sad and happy to go. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

Who and what are you grieving today and how are you mourning?

Whatever you are grieving today, please know that you do not mourn alone. Let’s heal together.


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