Karen Austin

Karen Austin

Karen Austin is a student of grief and a lifelong learner in the experience of death and loss.

30 Days of Mourning Day 14


How is this okay? Don’t drink too much and fall asleep in a parking lot…

SomeONE or someTHING we love dies. We grieve (internal feelings). Maybe we mourn (external sharing). Let’s mourn together.

Don’t drink too much and fall asleep in a parking lot. Today I am grieving and mourning Rayshard Brooks who was shot twice in the back by law enforcement on Friday essentially for falling asleep in a Wendy’s parking lot.

Who could blame him? Who of those among us haven’t thought how lovely it would be to just get drunk and fall asleep right now?

I grieve and mourn with Rayshard’s family and all of those who love(d) him.

What’s okay with you? How are you questioning your beliefs? Who and what are you grieving today and how are you mourning?

Whatever you are grieving today, please know that you do not mourn alone. Let’s heal together.


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