Karen Austin

Karen Austin

Karen Austin is a student of grief and a lifelong learner in the experience of death and loss.

30 Days of Mourning June 1

SomeONE or someTHING dies. We grieve (which is internal). Maybe we mourn (which is external).

We are all grieving, even if we aren’t talking about it. Grief describes all of the internal emotions we feel when we’ve lost someone or something precious to us. We’re grieving loved ones who have passed. We’re grieving feeling safe.

Whatever you’re grieving, let’s talk about it and start to mourn it. Why? Because we’re not.

Mourning is the external sharing of our grief. Mourning begins at funerals, or with that first vulnerable conversation about how scared we are right now. Mourning begins healing.

WHO are we mourning? Today I am grieving and beginning the mourning for 373,000 humans (!) taken by the COVID-19 virus thus far. And those that die tomorrow and the day after and the day after and send their friend and families love and light and energy for the days ahead.

WHAT are we mourning? Today I am mourning our loss of ritual. For most of those mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and cousins, a funeral isn’t possible. They get to find another way to say goodbye, to say I love you.

Who and what are you grieving and how are you mourning?

Whatever you are grieving today, please know that you do not mourn alone. We can begin to heal together.

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